Cast ne’er a clout till May be out

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RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Mother Theresa has managed to make Corbyn look good. That’s a truly staggering achievement

By Richard Littlejohn for the Daily Mail

10 June 2017

Theresa May was riding for a fall from the moment she decided to call the election. That’s what happens when you start believing your own publicity.

Swept along by polls predicting a crushing three-figure majority, she threw her natural caution to the wind and staked everything on a coronation.

If we’ve learned one thing in recent years, it’s not to trust the polls.

She should have seen this coming. Some of us warned from the off that it had the potential to blow up in her face, especially during a ridiculously long campaign lasting more than seven weeks.

This may have seemed a straightforward choice between a popular Prime Minister determined to implement the will of the people and an Opposition led by a hapless IRA-loving, Hezbollah-worshipping North London Trot, wedded to sky-high taxes and suffocating state control.

But the headline figures don’t always tell the full story. There was no guarantee that former Ukip voters would switch to the Tories. And come election time, old tribal Labour loyalties were always likely to kick back in.

At the beginning of this campaign, I drew a parallel between Mother Theresa and Grocer Heath — until now the worst Tory prime minister in living memory.

Heath went to the country in 1974 on the question of who runs Britain: the Government or the unions? He didn’t get the answer he was looking for.

And neither did May — although she might have romped home had she limited the campaign to three weeks, to coincide with the local elections, and stuck to the script.

This was supposed to be a single-issue election, about Brexit and nothing else. Soon it became about everything but Brexit.

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