Cameron’s legacy: jihad on our streets

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David Cameron reportedly advises Britons visiting Paris to be vigilant around Muslims, following the murder of a dozen people by a jihadist death squad at the offices of the periodical Charlie Hebdo.

Well, who can disagree with that advice? Britons should be wary around Muslims full stop.

And who can disagree with President Hollande’s penetrating observation that ‘This is certainly a terrorist attack’? Patria stands shoulder to shoulder, not with the people of Paris, but with the French. I’m sure you appreciate the distinction, M Hollande.

The point is this, Cameron: what does your travesty of a government propose to do about jihad on the streets of Britain?

You and that creature you admire, Tony Blair, are responsible for flooding our country with millions of Muslims and other immigrants from Africa and Asia, where life is cheap.

You and your Lib-Lab-Con partners in crime have allowed and encouraged these people to settle in our country, enacting discriminatory laws in their favour at our expense.

You and your traitorous ilk have promoted their alien culture and told them it is up to our people to adapt to their ways, rather than the other way round. Is it any wonder many Muslims recognized this appeasement for the weakness it was and established no-go areas for our people in the capital and other of our towns and cities?

You and that multiculti rabble in the House of Treason have turned a blind eye to the sexual jihad waged against thousands of vulnerable English children by Muslim rape gangs.

You and the other Lib-Lab-Con traitors have supported misguided US interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, where no British interests were at stake. In doing so you have made Britain more of a target for jihadist terrorism than ever before. At the same time you have reduced the strength of our armed forces to a dangerous level.

You and the other pro-immigration extremists, like the SNP, UKIP and the Greens, want to continue the very immigration that is the sea in which the jihadist terrorists swim. Allowing the immigration of culturally unassimilable foreigners, such as Muslims and other ethnic aliens, to continue is, as Enoch Powell said, to heap up our country’s funeral pyre.

You use the dangers which Lib-Lab-Con policies have created, such as jihadist terrorism, as a pretext to undermine the rights and liberties our English forefathers won over centuries. Rights such as free speech, trial by jury and freedom from arbitrary detention without charge or trial. It is no coincidence that these rights of the individual are lacking in Muslim countries.

You are willing to turn Britain into a secret surveillance state, comparable to the former East Germany, rather than address the root cause of the growing insecurity – the immigration of persons not of British ancestry.

You make no effort to enforce the law of the land by rounding up and deporting the estimated three million illegal immigrants in the country.

You do nothing to strengthen our border controls to make them fit for purpose.

You’re a spineless dhimmi who has yet to understand that ‘diversity’ and social cohesion are mutually exclusive. The immigration of the last sixty years has changed our society, but for the worse in every way.

The good news is that with the necessary political will those changes can still be undone. Indeed they must be undone, if our people is to have a future in the land to which we gave our name, other than as hewers of wood and drawers of water for alien overseers.

Patria is the one and only party with both the courage and the intelligence to put our people first.

To save the country for your grandchildren: Vote Patria on 7 May!