Cameron’s dodgy back-to-work scheme busted

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Ten employees at back-to-work firm founded by former Cameron advisor forged signatures in £300,000 fake jobs fraud

Group employed by the back-to-work private contractor A4e

It was paid millions of pounds to help people get off benefits and into work

The workers forged signatures and falsely claimed they found people work

A4e was founded by the PM’s former ‘back to work Tsar’ Emma Harrison


30 March, 2015

Ten workers at a controversial company used by the Government to get people off benefits forged signatures in a £300,000 fake jobs fraud, a court heard today.

The group were employed by the firm A4e which was paid millions of pounds to help people from difficult backgrounds get a job.

The company was founded by David Cameron’s former ‘back to work Tsar’ Emma Harrison, who was forced to step down from her role after fraud allegations first came to light in 2012.

During a 13-week trial at Reading Crown Court it emerged that 10 staff at the company falsely claimed they had helped people find jobs to hit bonus targets.

Some even falsified files using the names of family members, while others offered bribes in the form of vouchers to get people to fill out false forms.

Four defendants were convicted in connection with the fraud after six of their colleagues had previously pleaded guilty.

Ines Cano-Uribe, 39, of Madrid, Spain, was found guilty of two counts of forgery, while Zabar Khalil, 35, Matthew Hannigan-Train, 31 and Hayley Wilson, 27, were each found guilty of one count of forgery.

Summing up for the prosecution, Sarah Wood said that between them they had created 167 false claims, a fraud which cost the Department for Work and Pensions – which contracted A4e to carry out the work – around £300,000.

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