Cameron still doesn’t get it – but he will

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David Cameron’s speech in the Midlands today was bathetic.

For months we have been treated to a build-up. The speech was to be a ‘milestone’, ‘historic’, etc. In fact, what did it amount to? A not very ingenious attempt to bamboozle the electorate, or those of them who can understand the English language, with smoke and mirrors.

Cameron, clearly still does not ‘get it’. He gives the impression of a man who would rather praise immigration than bury it. He, or rather his speechwriter, tries to tell us that immigration has been good for us. Indeed, he says that the City of London and the NHS could not function without the highly skilled immigrants who work within them.

He forgets that these institutions, the banks and the hospitals, were internationally renowned centres of excellence long before there was immigration of foreigners into Britain on any scale. The immigrants have not been responsible for their rise and their past success. On the contrary, the reputation of our banks, insurance companies, hospitals, public transport and other amenities of an advanced industrial society was the magnet that drew the immigrants into Britain in the first place.

And since they began arriving in their millions and taking the jobs that should have gone to our own people, the quality of the service provided by the banks and hospitals of our country has plummeted and plumbed the depths of Third World degradation.

Why? Because in general the alien immigrants are neither as skilled at their jobs as our people, nor do they have the same level of commitment to the community they serve. For example, an inadequate command of the English language by many foreign nurses and support workers is seriously detrimental to the quality of care our people receive within the NHS.

Many of our ‘home-grown’ newly qualified doctors are unable to secure a job in Britain and are obliged to go abroad in order to obtain their first professional appointment, because of the increasing domination of our NHS by alien immigrants.

Another great evil of Lib-Lab-Con-UKIP immigration policy is the pressure an enormously increased population of immigrants and health tourists puts on our hospitals, GP surgeries, schools, social housing, roads, police and prisons. But this time of increasingly deep cuts in services is finally bringing home to our people that they are paying their taxes mainly for the benefit of immigrants rather than themselves and their families.

Cameron undertakes to do his best to persuade the other member states of the European Union to agree to changes to the rules allowing EU immigrants, immediately on arrival, to claim a range of benefits to which they have not contributed. If membership of the EU requires Britain’s head of government to go cap in hand to Brussels, or Berlin, in order to plead to be allowed to stop foreigners from fleecing us, then it is time parliament asserted its supremacy and Britain left the EU through a free vote of MPs.

Those MPs should be aware that the way they vote will be made known to their constituents and that anyone who fails to vote for the withdrawal of Britain is very likely to lose their seat at the general election in May.

The whole business of a contingent referendum is a red herring. We don’t need a referendum in order to leave the EU. Whether Cameron gains the agreement of twenty-seven other heads of government to his proposals or not is really beside the point. What we object to is his having to gain their agreement at all. That is the point. We want out.

We want an end to the low productivity, low wage economy that relies upon the cheap labour of culturally alien immigrants. We want an end to Anglophobic laws that force employers to discriminate against our people and in favour of such foreigners.

We want an end to the immigration of culturally unassimilable savages who rape and murder our children and young people. We want an end to the regime of the traitors who made it happen and then insulted us with the lie that Britain has always welcomed immigrants and that such ‘openness to the world’ is what made our country great.

Britain can trade freely with the rest of the world, including the rump of the EU, without being part of the EU’s abortive project of political union and without allowing the rest of the world to dump its surplus population onto our overcrowded island.

Does it make any sense to entrust the government of our country to the very same parties who have been responsible, over the last decade, for getting us into the current mess? Of course not. Lib-Lab-Con is rightly discredited for their treason against our people. Betrayal is in the DNA of these parties.

Nor does UKIP’s much puffed Barmy Army offer any hope to our people. The Establishment drones who lead it may have switched parties but they have not changed their spots. They remain true to their one and only principle: looking after number one. Farage, like Cameron, would find some pretext to keep Britain within the EU, so that he and the other UKIP MEPs keep their snouts in the Brussels’ trough.

UKIP is offering a false prospectus and the ‘mainstream’ media are knowingly promoting it. UKIP’s strategy is to hitch its waggon to the justified anti-immigration sentiment of the electorate only in order, once it has served their purpose, to betray it. If UKIP were really an anti-immigration party, as the media portray them, the media would be largely ignoring them rather than giving them millions of pounds’ worth of free publicity.

Patria demands a free vote of MPs, before the general election in May 2015, on a motion for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Patria also demands an end to the immigration for permanent settlement of persons not of British ancestry and the deportation of the millions of illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers, foreign criminals and overstayers currently in the country, as well as the strengthening of our border controls to make them fit for purpose.

Patria is the one and only party with both the courage and the intelligence to put our people first. Come join us, meet old friends and make new ones!