Cameron queers the pitch at Eastleigh

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Most Eastleigh voters backed pro-marriage candidates

Dear Marriage supporter

The Eastleigh by-election was one of the most significant for years, and 55% of all votes cast went to candidates who think marriage should remain as it is.

Numerous people have been blaming the Conservative Party’s third place behind the Lib Dems and UKIP on David Cameron’s push to redefine marriage.

As we have done around the country, C4M was very active on the ground in the constituency in the days leading up to the vote. We didn’t back any one candidate or party. We simply wanted to raise the issue of marriage and inform ordinary people. We succeeded.

Every single house in the constituency got a leaflet giving ten reasons why the Government is wrong to redefine marriage; we held information meetings attended by 130 people; we had over 40 volunteers on the streets; and we distributed 13,000 leaflets telling local people whether candidates were for or against redefining marriage.

Have a look at these great photos to see us making marriage a big issue during the campaign.

Police chaplain removed

Meanwhile, you may have seen in the news today that a police chaplain has been removed from his post because he voiced his support for traditional marriage on his personal internet blog.

Strathclyde Police say Rev Brian Ross can believe in marriage in private if he so wishes, but he can’t express his opinions in public – not even when he’s ‘off duty’. It’s a breach of their equality and diversity policies, say the police. Sadly, this is exactly what we said would happen, and it is happening already – even before the law has been changed.

The Marriage Bill is now being debated by a committee of MPs, but is yet to face the House of Lords.

We are working very hard to defeat these divisive and unpopular plans, please continue to help us.

Please give £50, £100, £200 or whatever you can afford. Together we can keep the true meaning of marriage.

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Yours Sincerely

Colin Hart

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage