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Gove warns of migration ‘free-for-all’ if Britain votes to stay in the EU because expansion will hand millions from five nations including Turkey the right to move freely to the UK

Justice Secretary insists new EU members pose a ‘serious threat’ to public services

Says inflows could put ‘unquantifiable’ pressure on the NHS

Warning comes as Brexit campaign gets back on front foot after [lame duck president] Barack Obama’s high-profile intervention

Ex-Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith has defended Boris Johnson’s jibe that the President’s Kenyan heritage makes him anti-British

Home Secretary Theresa May gives lukewarm support to EU membership after admitting free movement reduces control over immigration


25 April 2016

Britain faces an immigration ‘free for all’ unless we cut ties with Brussels, Michael Gove has warned.

The Justice Secretary delivered the stark warning about flows from potential new members such as Turkey and Albania as the Leave campaign fought to regain the initiative in the referendum battle.

Barack Obama made Brexit supporters rock with laughter at his clunky intervention on the crucial issue during a state visit last week.

London Mayor Boris Johnson also triggered a race row after suggesting that the US President’s Kenyan heritage tainted his view of the UK.

But prominent Leave figures are attempting to get back on the front foot with a series of interventions on immigration.

The counter-offensive came as:

Ex-Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith defended Mr Johnson’s reference to the US president’s ancestry

Theresa May gave a lukewarm endorsement of EU membership after admitting free movement eroded the government’s ability to control migration

In an article for The Times, Mr Gove insisted potential new members of the EU such as Turkey and Albania pose a ‘direct and serious threat’ to public services like the NHS, and social harmony.

He also warned that the NHS will be put under an ‘unquantifiable strain’ by the influx of immigrants and ‘refugees’ an open door policy would continue to allow.

‘The EU response to the migration crisis is a Five Nations free-for-all with an invitation to Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and Turkey to join the Union.

‘Because we cannot control our borders – and because our deal sadly does nothing to change this fact – public services such as the NHS will face an unquantifiable strain as millions more become EU citizens and have the right to move to the UK.

‘We cannot guarantee the same access people currently enjoy to healthcare and housing if these trends continue.

‘There is a direct and serious threat to our public services, standard of living and ability to maintain social solidarity if we accept continued EU membership.’

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