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How much does a Jet Fighter Cost?

By Dick Franklin

The cost of the American made F35 jet fighter, which has yet to fly successfully, is said to be $60 million a piece, or approximately £40 million. This is the aircraft which is going to be used to equip our new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, when it is commissioned in 2017.

However, other foreign made fighters of equivalent performance and which at least can fly, are said to be available at half that cost. I would suggest that a British made fighter with our current skill and know-how could be made for £25 million or less. This also has the advantage that it will provide employment for British workers, sustenance for their families, as well as wider benefits for the economy through stimulating local suppliers and research companies. In addition there will be greater receipts for the Exchequer from taxation and less reliance on state benefits.

If you are of a more peaceable state of mind, £25 million would not pay for a new hospital but it could pay for a new wing. Alternatively, it could be used for a lot of urgently needed training, staff and equipment.

Instead our ever wise Con-Lib government is to pay out exactly that sum – £25 million – to a gaggle of illegal immigrants, some with criminal records in this country, because they were allegedly detained for too long in Her Majesty’s establishments or had their “human rights” breached in some other manner.

A new fighter, a hospital wing or more hand-outs to ungrateful immigrants? Which would you choose? It’s not rocket science, is it?