British jobs for Foreign workers

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800,000 UK jobs advertised in EU

27 July 2013

Press Association

More than 800,000 British jobs are being advertised to foreign workers across the European Union on a website funded by the European Commission.

The website EURES lists a total of more than 1.4 million job vacancies across the EU, with the UK making up more than 50% of them.

Foreign jobseekers are also being offered up to £900 to cover travelling costs to the UK for interviews, while UK employers can receive a £1,000 bonus for taking on a non-British worker, the Telegraph reported.

It comes at a time when Conservative business minister Matthew Hancock is urging UK firms to employ young British workers rather than better-qualified immigrants.

He said firms have a responsibility to ensure young people from the communities where they are based are given the opportunity to get a job and get on in life. All positions advertised in UK Jobcentres have to be listed on the EURES website according to an EU scheme, the newspaper added.
After the UK, which lists 814,359 jobs on the website, the country with the second highest number of vacancies is Germany with 267,534 – around 20% of the overall number.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage said he was “astonished” British vacancies were being advertised abroad at a time when unemployment in the UK is “rife”.

“The fact that Brits [sic] are being pitted against 500 million people across the EU to get jobs in their own country is utterly reprehensible. With two-and-a-half million people unemployed in the UK, of which 958,000 are under twenty-five, every job vacancy counts,” he said.

On Friday Mr Hancock told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme: “During the last boom there was a lot of recruitment from abroad and, in fact, youth unemployment went up, even during the boom. This is about a change of culture. I’m arguing that it is companies’ social responsibility, it is their social duty, to look at employing locally first.”

Chichester Observer

Patria says…

EU rules which unfairly discriminate mean that British jobseekers are disadvantaged when it comes to competing for jobs in Britain (and elsewhere) with citizens of other EU countries.

Mr Hancock is being disingenuous in his call to employers to recruit locally. He knows very well that companies will prefer to employ foreign EU citizens, rather than Britons, in order to take advantage of the financial inducements the EU offers them to do so.

Patriots like us have been saying for many years that the only way to safeguard the legitimate interests of our people is for Britain to withdraw from the EU. Now even this unpatriotic government is effectively acknowledging that we were right all along.

We are Britons. We are not ‘Brits’. We believe in fair play. We shall not tolerate being cheated and taken for a ride by those who don’t.