British jobs are a Chinese takeaway

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The Editor
Bournemouth Echo

Dear Editor

My heart goes out to the 240 Sunseeker workers who have just been made redundant. What wonderful timing! With a workforce of around 2500, you can be sure there will be more to come.

When Sunseeker was taken over by a Chinese firm last year, Sunseeker insisted that there would be no job losses at its Poole base (at least that is what it told the BBC). Now we learn there are 240 with more to come. Quelle surprise!

It seems every time a foreign firm “invests” in a British company, the result is job losses. In the meantime, instead of safeguarding British jobs for British workers, the British government of whatever stripe stands by and does nothing. I forecast that the moulds etc which are used to form the hulls of the Sunseeker craft will be on their way to China before too long. There the craft will be constructed by Chinese workers who will be paid a pittance. This is all for the benefit of self-perpetuating wealthy plutocrats. China claims to be a Communist country. It most certainly is not. It is just a cruel dictatorship wearing a Marxist badge. Karl Marx must be turning in his grave. [Marx approved of cruelty when he thought it served his political aims. See his The Civil War In France.]

In the meantime, many of those made unemployed will have the humiliating experience of queueing up at the (misnamed) Job Centre Plus, looking for work which does not exist. I speak from personal experience.

British manufacturing industry should be built up and not sold off at every opportunity. If we are not going to become a country of call centre operatives and burger bar flippers, this must stop now. We need to be building up our industries and enhancing the skills of our workforce so that our economy will thrive in the face of this remorseless slave labour competition from abroad.

Yours sincerely

Richard Franklin
Patria Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bournemouth West

Patria says:-

Some years ago the founder of luxury yachtmaker Sunseeker, Robert Braithwaite, said he was saddened by the decline of British manufacturing and blamed lack of investment and obstructive unions, as well as successive governments.

But for aspiring entrepreneurs, perseverance – and Patria – is the answer.

As Mr Braithwaite said “Keep trying and trying. Try even when it’s impossible”, because no one knows what is possible until what had been regarded as impossible is actually achieved.