Britain’s defence is now dangerously weak

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Britannia Rules Portsmouth Harbour!

by Dick Franklin

Great News! Thanks to David Cameron and his predecessors the strength of the Royal Navy has increased as follows:-

(1982) 2014

Aircraft Carriers (2) 0

Assault Ships (2) 2

Destroyers (17) 6

Frigates (38) 13

Submarines (26) 12

Personnel (80,000) 30,300

At this rate of increase, by 2040 the navy will just have the Gosport Ferry, but no fuel for it.

Perhaps the above is a little unfair. We do have one helicopter assault ship not mentioned above and Cameron has reluctantly agreed to reinstate a carrier under construction [it would be greatly appreciated if all potential aggressors would kindly wait until 2020, when this ship is expected to be in service] rather than sell it off. However, rather than build a successor to the very successful Harrier jump jet aircraft, Cameron decided to buy the American F35 fighter. The trouble is that these have been grounded because they keep catching on fire on take off! The Americans sent one to the Farnborough Air Show but this was a non-flying replica made of glass fibre, really just a full scale model kit.

On a related subject, “Conservative” depredation of the army’s share of the defence budget: although the army is said to have 380 Challenger tanks, only 36 of them are “battle ready”. This is not even enough to equip one tank regiment (usually 56). Apparently Cameron and his cronies regard them as “yesterday’s weapon” but they have done absolutely nothing to replace them. Of course, tanks need crews and those crews need constant training to keep up their battle skills. However, army commanders are struggling to get the money they need to keep their remaining armoured regiments up to the expected level of battle readiness.

It is a central plank of Patria policy to restore the dangerous cuts in defence spending made by Cameron and the other traitors who preceded him.