Brexit poster boy bought off

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Many people had been waiting for the moment Jacob Rees-Mogg was called, hoping that the leader of the pro-Brexit Tory MPs would finally condemn the travesty that is the wholesale surrender encapsulated in the government’s Brexit deal of last week.

The question asked by the MP for North-East Somerset demonstrated that he is happy to “live with” the deal the government has negotiated. This is wholly at odds with the stance he has taken for many months.

A reader took us to task yesterday for our article questioning whether Mr Rees-Mogg is still in the fight. We completely understood that reader’s frustration. And we agreed with our reader that Mr Rees-Mogg has been a truly eloquent advocate for Brexit. We didn’t enjoy writing that article but within hours it had been proven prescient.

We are bitterly, bitterly disappointed. We are realists about the world of politics, but we didn’t expect so abject a volte-face from so talismanic a Brexiteer.


Several times yesterday there were references by Conservative MPs, including the Prime Minister, to the fact that the SNP and others would keep the UK in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) as part of permanently remaining in the EU.

This was their way of deflecting attention from the fact that the government has broken very specific promises it made to the fishing and coastal communities that the UK would exit the CFP on March 29th next year. This really won’t do. We continue to reject this wholesale capitulation completely.

This is just one example of the many areas of British life which should have started to improve in March next year, but won’t if no-one is prepared to stand up and fight.


We’re as sure as we can be that Mr Rees-Mogg knows we’re looking at a Fake Brexit, come Saturday, March 30th, 2019. We refuse to be part of the Westminster bubble, so we’re not going to speculate on whether he’s been ‘got at’, or whether he simply doesn’t want to rock the boat for fear of triggering a general election and accidentally letting Jeremy Corbyn into No 10. Our view is that May must be replaced without a general election.

Whatever the reason, Mr Rees-Mogg has now acquiesced. We just can’t see any other way of viewing his question to the Prime Minister yesterday.

With regard to the entire situation in relation to Brexit we would like to know what readers think. Do you share our views about the appalling state in which we are now? Are you concerned at the thought of staying in the EU after next March but with the added horror that for an extra 21 months the UK will effectively be an EU puppet state with no say over its laws?

Or do you think that we should simply accept the fact that the decision of the British people in 2016 has been eroded month by month by a Remain-voting Prime Minister and her 72% Remain-voting cabinet?

Source: Hansard 06.30am, 27 Mar 2018


Name: Patrick H, London Date/Time: 27 Mar 2018, 09.44am

Message: We must conclude on the initial evidence, Mr Rees-Mogg has been spoken to and a plum job awaits him after his demonstrable Brexit surrender. There can be no other explanation… If so, what a very sordid and sorry affair indeed, and people will never forget this despicable treachery!

Name: Warhorse, North Somerset Date/Time: 27 Mar 2018, 09.05am

Message: Amazed and yet somehow not surprised at Mr Rees-Mogg’s capitulation. I’m afraid this shows that absolutely no-one in government can be trusted on Brexit; they all have their own agendas. This country is now facing two years’ minimum of uncontrolled immigration, allowing culturally incompatible immigrants to pour in, all of which are warmly welcomed by government traitors as “refugees”. They’ll be given citizenship, houses, money and jobs. MPs MUST be aware of the public’s views on this matter, it is uppermost in most folks’ minds, not trade deals or Russian spies! Yet they continue to ignore the elephant in the room. Nothing short of a true uprising by the common people will fix these problems. I don’t seriously think that there is any salvation to be had via the present system’s ballot box. We need to be rid of all the political parties that we currently have. None of them supports our people [Patria does!]. All of them support their own interests ONLY.