Brexit in name only: UK to be vassal state of EU

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‘Free movement’ to continue till end of 2020

The EU’s new negotiating demands are circulating in a leaked draft, which imposes new restrictions on the UK during the so-called ‘Implementation’ or ‘Transition’ Period.


Extending ‘free movement’ rights until December 31, 2020

“In particular, the provisions of the citizens’ rights part of the withdrawal agreement should apply as from the end of the transition period”

A special status to all EU citizens arriving before that time, meaning right to stay, right to benefits, etc

Veto on UK replacing existing EU trade deals with non-EU countries, “unless authorised to do so by the EU”

EU laws to have primacy: “The direct effect and primacy of union law should be preserved,” which means that the UK would have exactly the same legal obligations as member states.

Fishing quotas will not be changed, there will merely be ‘consultations’


This is a leaked document and is a ‘draft’. However our experience with previous leaked documents from the EU of this nature is that it will all be genuine. No-one is ever disciplined or sanctioned after one of these leaks and no enquiries are conducted. You may wish to conclude that these leaks are therefore of the official kind.

In effect, the EU has taken what was agreed with Mrs May in the rushed ‘Phase 1’ accord before Christmas and has tightened the terms considerably. They have also added further restrictions.

Given that the terms of Phase 1 were already unacceptable to mainstream Brexit thinking, the new demands and restrictions make any thought of a deal even more unthinkable than it already was.

We have consistently said that the government’s negotiating strategy was that the UK would remain in the EU to all intents and purposes during the ‘Transition Period’. For us, this period is a nonsense which simply delays Britain’s departure until 2021.

This is emphatically not what anyone voted for. David Cameron promised that in the event of a Leave vote he would invoke Article 50 immediately, which would have meant the UK’s departure on or before 24 June this year.

Instead we are looking at 01 January 2021 as the earliest date at which the country could be said to have exited the European Union, and even then it would involve the UK in commitments and obligations after that date which we consider to be unacceptable.

This isn’t Brexit and the only reason we are not already taking strong action is because we don’t believe the government will be able to reach any kind of deal with the EU and therefore all of this will fall apart. If that weren’t the case, we’d have been building the barricades by now.

[Sources: EU Commission]

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Name: Patrick H, London Date/Time: 16 Jan 2018, 12.26pm

Message: This incessant bullying from the EU; now we know how the Greeks felt in their negotiations. It is very clear to the nation, we will not be treated fairly by the EU bureaucrats, therefore we must move to WTO rules immediately! Are you listening T. May?

Name: R Ellison, UK Date/Time: 16 Jan 2018, 10.57am

Message: No wonder the EU Commissars don’t want to let go of us. The UK is too precious to let go. We are thriving. They treat us as the fat Cash Cow, and want to bleed us dry. Who in their right minds clings on to the Sinking Ship, the ‘SS EU’, unless your name is PM May? And no one who has leadership qualities would even listen, let alone succumb, to the bullying of the likes of Tusk, Barnier, Junker, Merkel or Macron with their frenzied, madcap, inconceivable demands. It’s shameful our Leader and her Chancellor are giving off all the wrong vibes, both appearing appeasing and anxious to negotiate, even when it’s clear to the whole country that the EU want to strip us of all our assets. Oh, but what they do wish to give us are their problems, including hundreds of thousands of their African/Middle Eastern immigrants – already an untenable, massive social, economic and law and order problem which the EU cannot handle. This social experiment was actioned by Angela Merkel, spokesperson of a ‘higher’ order. As you so rightly entitle this article, it’s ‘Take, Take, Take’. There is no other option but for PM T May to get Britain out immediately. Time for the EU to start sweating! UK based businesses can then start planning for our official exit a year from now. Now that would be progress!