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Two illegal immigrants caught at Poole Port during security crackdown

Kate Wilson

TWO illegal immigrants were caught trying to enter the country at Poole Port during a police crackdown on security.

The National Crime Agency, Border Force and Dorset Police were carrying out checks at ports, airports and marinas in Dorset.

It was part of a week long operation which saw every single vessel to enter the port at Poole searched.

During the searches two illegal immigrants were found on a freight cargo vessel on Saturday (Oct1).

Assistant Chief Constable David Lewis, who was the strategic commander of the operation, said they were both believed to be Albanian.

Describing them as “economic migrants” he said: “They are claiming to be under the age of 18 and are currently in the hands of Border Force for processing,.”

Operation Vedika saw around 40 additional Dorset Police officers take part in a crackdown on port security which resulted in every passenger ferry and freight vessel being searched as it arrived in port.

Nine people were searched for drugs. Two arrests were made however neither was for a drug offence.

During the operation 100 per cent of planes that flew into Bournemouth Airport were also searched – but nothing was found.

Speaking during a briefing about the operation yesterday ACC Lewis said he was pleased how the operation had gone.

“From our perspective an intelligence led approach is effective and we would encourage the local community to continue providing the police with information,” he added.

Comment by Dr Emerson 7:59pm Tue 4 Oct 16

This is the level of border security the whole country needs for fifty-two weeks of the year, rather than merely one. Operation Vedika looks like a public relations exercise designed to reassure the public that the horrors unfolding in France, Germany and Sweden will not happen here in England. But unless a government of a very different stripe gets a proper grip of the situation it is very likely to spiral out of control. A way must be found of speeding up the process of returning the invaders, including the millions already here illegally, to their lands of ethnic origin. If not, then before too long this country could itself become another Bosnia. And our children will not thank us for that.

Patria, the Home of Patriots, neither left nor right but patriotic.

Join us in the fight for freedom!

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