Beware the snake oil salesmen

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Dr Andrew Emerson

April 26, 2014 3:05 pm

The thing about Farage is that he is obviously insincere. The Americans call it dog-whistle politics. Farage makes a few noises about things he knows the public are desperately worried about, such as immigration and the EU, but he always qualifies his remarks. And if you check the small print of his party’s manifesto you find that he’s given himself a get out clause for everything.

Back in 1979 Margaret Thatcher, whom Farage, just like Tony Blair, admires, remember, did the same thing. She strongly implied that if she got into No 10 she would put an end to mass immigration from the Third World. And yet once she was in a position to do something about it she did nothing.

Farage is just the same. He is preying upon people’s justifiable concern about immigration and the EU in order to help himself to climb further up the greasy pole of politics.

If he were sincere about wanting to stop immigration, as it needs to be stopped, then he would not debar former members of the BNP from joining UKIP. Indeed, he would acknowledge the good work done by the BNP in the past in opposing immigration – while he and his party had nothing to say on the issue.

Similarly, on the EU: Farage once boasted about how many millions of pounds he had extracted from the EU by being an MEP, forgetting that it was our money that he had been taking. Britain cannot leave the EU from the European ‘parliament’ however many MEPs vote for her to do so. Britain can only leave the EU as the result of the vote of a majority of MPs at the UK parliament at Westminster.

Consequently, a vote for UKIP is a wasted vote, because even if UKIP were to treble its current tally of MEP seats Britain would be not one inch nearer leaving the EU as a result. But dozens of UKIP members would become wealthier and that is what their party and its £ logo, is really all about.

Can a party, can UKIP bite the hand that feeds it? Can an MEP? Is it likely? Because if Britain were to leave the EU every MEP would lose their bloated salary and allowances and their staff would lose their well paid jobs as well.

By taking part in the charade of the European ‘parliament’ a party gives it a bogus air of legitimacy. UKIP is helping to prop up the rotten institution.

To find out more about a party that boycotts the European ‘parliament’, rather than tries to enter it, visit double you double you double you dot patria-uk dot org.

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