Better than numbers

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Edith Cavell was preparing to meet her maker when she uttered those words. She was quite right not to harbour hatred or bitterness, which only harm those who nurture such emotions.

Patria is a Christian party and I certainly concur with Miss Cavell’s view that one should not harbour hatred or bitterness.

Though patriotism may not be enough on its own it is indispensable. For what other reason than patriotism was Edith Cavell assisting the British and Allied war effort by helping British soldiers to escape from German occupied territory, risking her own life in the process?

It is those immigrants and descendants of immigrants who are robbing us English of our country and who throw hate at us when we protest against our dispossession, who harbour hatred and bitterness.

What greater hatred could there be than wanting to deprive a great nation like the English of our country?

As for the number of Patria’s supporters: who was it said ‘A few good men are better than numbers’. I certainly agree with him on this point. Quality matters more than quantity.