Bermuda shows the way

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Dear Marriage supporter

Bermuda has become the first territory in the world to restore the traditional definition of marriage by legislating to ban same-sex ‘weddings’ only six months after they were introduced.

Voters in the British Overseas Territory had rejected same-sex ‘marriage’ by a landslide in a referendum in 2016.

However, earlier this year the island’s Supreme Court disregarded the public vote to rule that same-sex ‘marriage’ should be legal. The first of these ceremonies took place in June.

A subsequent election led to a change of government, and last week the House of Assembly passed a measure restoring the traditional definition of marriage.

Domestic partnerships, a form of civil partnership, will now be available to same-sex couples instead of ‘marriage’.

This is significant and encouraging news. Same-sex ‘marriage’ is not irreversible. Determined public pressure can influence politicians to restore the traditional definition of marriage.

On behalf of our supporters, we are committed to continuing to make same-sex ‘marriage’ an issue at election time in the United Kingdom in the hope of similar change here.

Heterosexual civil partnerships: a recipe for confusion

Over the weekend it was reported that the British Government would support a Private Members’ Bill which would introduce civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples.

In Scotland a similar scheme was also reported to have won the support of the Scottish National Party’s national council which aims to introduce civil partnerships later in this parliament.

As we told The Sunday Times, these plans are another example of the confusion created when Parliament began to alter marriage laws which are tried, tested and well-understood.

If the proposed changes are successful then the status of marriage may be undermined as it will be at risk of becoming one option amongst a bewildering multitude.

The Private Members’ Bill will likely receive its second reading in February and we will contact supporters closer to the time about how they may make their views known if they wish.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Pascoe
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)