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We Nationalists have been inclined to worry overmuch about world population growth. In my lifetime the population of the world has increased from 2 billion to 7 billion and ever since the war there have been scaremongering predictions that there will not be enough food to fill every mouth and too little space to fit everyone in. In 1968 Paul Ehrlich made a doom-laden prediction that within a mere decade there would be mass starvation. Then in 1972 came The Camp of the Saints by the renowned French author Jean Raspail. This fictional account of the peaceful invasion of France and Europe by flotillas of millions of desperate refugees from India became a kind of bible for Nationalists.

The huge mass influx of peoples from the Third World into our White civilization is a dreadful and destructive thing but it is not due to a global population explosion. There are a variety of causes why so many parts of the world have become hopeless places for simple peoples to live and prosper in. The precipitate abandonment of Africa by the colonial powers is one. Too often it left primitive war-lords fighting one another with modern weapons and big power backing. The swamping of rural economies by top-heavy global finance capitalism is another.

Figures produced by the Population Research Institute (based in Fort Royal, Virginia, show that the world’s agricultural resources, if properly managed, can easily feed 7 billion people or more. The real problem, it seems, is not population explosion but population implosion! People are not having sufficient children to sustain the replacement level. This applies not only in Europe and the white world but in the more developed parts of Asia. An article by the Institute’s President, Steven W. Mosher, gives some disturbing statistics. On average a woman needs to have 2.1 children to keep up the numbers in the next generation. In Japan the rate is 1.1; in China they have an official one-child policy; but in South Korea, where since 2010 the government has been spending billions of dollars in encouraging increased childbirth, the rate is only 1.15. In Europe the situation is pretty dire: Italy 1.4; Spain 1.48; Germany 1.4; Russia 1.2.

The article does not give figures for Britain but the ONS shows comparable statistics of 1.66 for the years 2003-2009, going up to 1.91 in 2011. This includes the children born to ethnic minority women living here, so what are the figures for white British women? Pretty certainly they are somewhat lower. There are already reliable statistical projections showing that, if present trends continue, we British will be an ethnic minority in our own land within not much more than a generation. The soft threats of those who murmur that they will turn us into an Islamic state, through the wombs of their womenfolk, are more frightening than the strident threats of those who proclaim their intention of stunning us into submission with random bombings.

Today, newly married couples cannot afford to, or choose not to, start having children as a matter of course. Both man and wife may have to carry on working to pay the mortgage; properly paid and secure jobs are becoming harder to get and anyone who tries to make his living as an independent producer or craftsman is likely to end up in the bankruptcy court. But the economic barriers are not the main point. After all these kinds of barriers have existed often enough in the past and people have surmounted them. Nowadays the whole tone of modern life is at odds with the traditional pattern of the family where the husband and wife have complementary roles: the husband as breadwinner and the wife as homemaker and bringer-up of children. The social perspective on marriage, sexual relations and child-bearing has changed radically. The ideals of purity, modesty and self-control have vanished away. Abstention from sexual experience is perceived only as a negation of what we are all entitled to enjoy. Self-fulfilment is now the ideal for both sexes, instead of mutual support. Men and women become competitors not only in the workplace but also in the home, when it becomes a question of which spouse/partner is getting the most out of the relationship.

A century ago any form of sexual activity outside the bonds of matrimony was immoral. Today anything goes (almost). There is still a law in place to protect girls and boys under the age of 16, but far too often those in positions of power and authority have most shamefully turned a blind eye to breaches of this law. The Jimmy Savile scandal and the dreadful “grooming” of underage girls by Muslim evildoers have only recently come to light after having been allowed to drag on for decades.

Marriage has been thoroughly undermined. It has been undermined by easy divorce. It has been undermined by the raising of unofficial private “partnerships” to a virtually equal status in the eyes of society. It has been undermined by the use of contraception. It has been undermined by the provision of abortion virtually on demand. Having children (or more than one or two children) is an optional extra. The concept of holy matrimony has been so weakened that the traitors in government think they can get away with their grotesque “same sex” marriage legislation.

On the very first page of the Bible we can find the primordial command that God gave to humankind, “Increase and multiply and fill the earth and make it yours” (Genesis 1:28). Today, instead of Increase and multiply, we have: Stagnate and stultify.

Note that the verse quoted above does anticipate the problem that so many worry about: fill the earth. It is a matter of simple arithmetic that, if a population keeps on growing, space will eventually run out. For believers in Divine Providence this is not a concern. We know from the last book of the Bible that, when the time is ripe, the Almighty will destroy the present world and create a new heaven and a new earth (Apocalypse 21:1). For non-believers: at least accept from the Population Research Institute that the crisis of world overpopulation is not upon us yet. Here in Britain and in most of the developed world we have the opposite problem: our native population is set to dwindle away. As nationalists we must demand the government does a U-turn and supports the institution of marriage and that white British couples get every encouragement to have large families.

Dennis Whiting
Nominating Officer and Chairman