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Dear Reader

Spring is here, flowers are blooming and hedgerows are buzzing with the sound of bees. But that could change if powerful lobbyists are allowed to spread toxic pesticides over our fields this summer. [1] There’s a ban on using these pesticides – they’re that dangerous – but lobbyists are asking Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom to lift the ban.

Hundreds and thousands of us are already speaking up for our bees. [2] But to make sure Andrea Leadsom listens to us, and not the lobbyists – and with just a week to go until she makes her decision – we need MPs to join the fight.

Imagine if the Environment Secretary heard from MPs from all different parties, from all over the country, demanding she do the right thing and stand up for bees.

Will you send your MP an email today and ask them to speak to Andrea Leadsom? It takes less than two minutes and there’s suggestions for what to say.

Bees pollinate three quarters of the world’s crops – apples, strawberries, onions, carrots and many many more of our fruit and veg. We wouldn’t last long without them. These pesticides, called neonicotinoids, are lethal – and they scramble bees memories, and damage their navigation leaving them lost and confused. [3]

Politicians from all parties care about the fate of our bees. Last year, after we asked our MPs to stand up for British bees, hundreds of politicians came out in force at an event in Parliament to demand pesticides were kept off our fields. And the ban on the toxic pesticides was kept in place. [4]

This is the first year that Andrea Leadsom has the fate of the bees in her hands. Imagine the pressure she’ll be under if her inbox and phones are bursting with the same message from MPs: stand up for our bees. It could convince her to keep the ban in place.

Can you send you send an email to your MP right now?

Thanks for being involved,

Megan, Trish, Charlotte and the 38 Degrees team

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Bees- 1, Pesticide companies – 0