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Dear Reader

Urgent: our bees are in trouble. The government’s about to decide whether to let bee-killing pesticides back into the UK. If these pesticides are allowed back on our fields, bees will start dying. [1] And without bees, we wouldn’t last very long – they pollinate a third of the food we eat. [2]

304,000 of us have already signed the petition to Environment Secretary Liz Truss demanding she support the ban on bee-killing pesticides. And this Thursday, MPs will have the chance to grill her on her position in the House of Commons. [3]

A huge petition will make it clear that we expect the government to protect our bees. Can you help grow the petition to 400,000 before this Thursday?

Bees are at huge risk from powerful pesticides called ‘neonicotinoids’. Earlier this year an influential group of scientists concluded that these banned pesticides don’t just kill bees – they wreak “havoc” with other insects and plants in the countryside too. [4]

People-powered campaigning helped get bee-killing pesticides banned across Europe in 2013. [5] But the huge chemical companies care about their profit margins more than our bees – and so they keep trying to get rid of the ban. [6] Public pressure is crucial if we’re going to stop them.

38 Degrees members and bee experts are meeting MPs this Wednesday. Not all of us can be there, but with a huge petition, hundreds of thousands of us can be there in spirit. Let’s make sure the corridors of Westminster are abuzz with our demand to protect our bees before Liz Truss answers MPs’ questions in Parliament on Thursday.

Can you please add your name to the petition right now?

Thanks for being involved

Nat, Cara, Megan, Maddy & the 38 Degrees team


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