BBC won’t call a spade a spade

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Charlie Hebdo killers should NOT be called ‘terrorists’, claims BBC executive

Head of BBC Arabic Tarik Kafala says term ‘terrorist’ is too ‘loaded’ to use

Corporation’s own guidance also says the word is considered ‘a barrier’

Said and Cherif Kouachi and accomplice Amedy Coulibaly murdered 17

The brothers killed 12 people in a massacre at offices of Charlie Hebdo

Coulibaly murdered a policewoman and then four others in Kosher deli

But Mr Kafala insists at the BBC: ‘We avoid the word terrorists’

He added: ‘Two men killed 12 people in an attack on the office of a satirical magazine. That’s enough’


26 January 2015

The Parisian extremists who murdered 17 people in a series of attacks including the Charlie Hebdo massacre should not be called ‘terrorists’, a senior BBC executive has said.

Tarik Kafala, who runs BBC Arabic, said the term ‘terrorist’ was too ‘loaded’ and ‘value-laden’ to describe Said and Cherif Kouachi and their accomplice Amedy Coulibaly.

The Kouachi brothers shot dead 12 at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris and Coulibaly killed four at a Kosher deli after shooting dead a policewoman.

All three were eventually shot dead by French special forces after the Islamists all burst out of their hideouts two weeks ago.

Mr Kafalam runs the BBC’s largest non-English language TV, radio and online news services, which have a weekly audience of 36million people.

He told The Independent: ‘We try to avoid describing anyone as a terrorist or an act as being terrorist. What we try to do is to say that ‘two men killed 12 people in an attack on the office of a satirical magazine’. That’s enough.

‘Terrorism is such a loaded word’.

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Patria says:-

The BBC’s use of euphemisms such as ‘radical’, ‘militant’, ‘fighter’, etc, when referring to jihadist terrorists and murderers can only be seen as a sign of its sympathy with the aims and methods of the criminals who want to overthrow our polity by force.

The corporation’s guidance should be urgently revised so as better to reflect the values of the great majority of those who pay its licence fee. Any BBC executive who evinces an ambivalent attitude towards the bloodthirsty thugs of ISIS and al Qaida should be removed from their post without delay.

Our people’s hard-earned money should not be used to finance a public corporation that appeases those who wish us harm. What kind of Anglophobic bigots are in charge of the BBC?

Patria is the one and only party with both the courage and the intelligence to put our people first.

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