BBC propaganda takes the cake

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Dear Marriage supporter

Same-sex ‘marriage’ remains a highly contentious issue, especially for Christians. Around one in 200 places of worship in England and Wales is registered to hold same-sex ‘weddings’. So that’s 99.5% that are not.

When it deals with controversial subjects, the BBC is supposed to “ensure a wide range of significant views and perspectives are given due weight and prominence”.

Yesterday’s Songs of Praise focused on faith and marriage, and celebrated same-sex ‘marriage’. Though the presenter briefly mentioned that some people disagree, air time was only given to those who endorse it.

Viewers were even told by one of the homosexual couple that those who don’t support same-sex ‘marriage’ “just need to think about it, and they’ll get there one day”.

Will the BBC now allow the alternative view to be aired “in output of a similar type and weight and in an appropriate timeframe”? No, I don’t think so either.

Update on the Ashers case

Some readers of recent media stories could be misled into thinking that the Ashers bakery Supreme Court judgment is in doubt.

Gareth Lee, the man who ordered a ‘Support Same-Sex Marriage’ cake, is taking the UK to the European Court of Human Rights.

In reality, it appears that the appeal is limited in scope. Even in the unlikely event it succeeds, it won’t overturn the emphatic victory for free speech. The Supreme Court ruled that the cake order was turned down because of the message and not because of the sexual orientation of the customer. Human rights laws didn’t come into this finding.

The law cannot compel someone to endorse a message with which they fundamentally disagree. And the law says that freedom to stand up for traditional marriage is worthy of protection in a democratic society.

So let’s keep on standing up for marriage.

Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)