BBC hideously out of touch

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Liberal BBC out of touch on immigration says its ex-director: Former head of TV news believes corporation is not reflecting views of its audience

Ex-BBC executive says broadcaster has ‘dysfunctional’ government

Roger Mosey accuses BBC of ignoring white [code for English?] communities’ grievances

Mosey says the BBC has succumbed to a ‘liberal group-think’ attitude


22 June 2015

The BBC is not reflecting the views of its audience on immigration and asylum, a former top executive said.

Ex-editorial director Roger Mosey said the broadcaster suffers from ‘dysfunctional’ government and had succumbed to a ‘liberal group-think’ attitude.

Mr Mosey, once head of the corporation’s television news, claimed the Ten O’Clock News had been ‘sanitised’ and was ignoring white [English?] communities’ grievances.

He also mocked a BBC leaflet in which it said its target radio listeners were ‘Dave and Sue’ who had friends from many different ethnic backgrounds.

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