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Labour boasts it ‘took on Ukip and won’ after comfortably seeing off Farage’s party in crunch police commissioner by-election

Labour easily wins the South Yorkshire police commissioner contest

Party’s candidate Alan Billings scooped just over half the 148,062 votes cast

Ukip’s Jack Clarkson trailed in second place on 31.66% ahead of Tories

Vote sparked by resignation of Shaun Wright after Rochdale abuse scandal

By Tom McTague

1 November 2014

Ed Miliband [winner of the ‘alms race’] received a much-needed boost today after Labour comfortably held off Ukip in a crunch [read pointless] police commissioner election.

Labour’s candidate for the South Yorkshire [policing the] police post, Alan Billings, scooped just over half the 148,062 votes cast – with Ukip’s Jack Clarkson trailing in second place on 31.66 per cent.

A senior Labour source said the party ‘took Ukip on and won’, despite Nigel Farage’s pledge to go after Mr Miliband’s core vote.

It comes after Nigel Farage yesterday told MailOnline the election was ‘nip and tuck'[more like ‘tip-and-run’].

The by-election – which was marred by turnout of just 14 per cent – was sparked by the resignation of Labour’s former police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright in the wake of the Rotherham sex abuse scandal.

Mr Wright stood down under intense pressure after an official report revealed more than 1,400 children had been sexually assaulted by gangs of mainly-Asian [Pakistani] men in Rotherham.

He was the councillor who oversaw children’s services in the town between 2005 and 2010.

Mr Farage had hoped Ukip would build on the party’s recent by-election victory in Clacton and close second in Heywood and Middleton by getting its first Police and Crime Commissioner.

The party came fourth when Mr Wright was elected in 2012 but has since boosted its vote by 20 per cent.

A Labour source said: ‘Nigel Farage said he was putting his tanks on our lawn. We took Ukip on and won. Let’s see if (David) Cameron can do the same in (the) Rochester and Strood (by-election).’

Labour leader Ed Miliband, who represents Doncaster North, tweeted: ‘Congratulations to Labour’s @AlanBillingsPCC – he will bring experience, independence and a fresh start to South Yorkshire Police.’

Conservative candidate Ian Walker won just 12.52 per cent, while English Democrat David Allen secured 5.8 per cent. The Liberal Democrats did not field a candidate.

Dr Billings said: ‘In political terms it brings the Ukip advance to a shuddering halt in South Yorkshire and I think that they’re deeply disappointed to do so badly.

‘That’s very gratifying for us because I think that if we can turn the tide here we can turn it in other places as well.

‘So a message of huge encouragement for the Labour Party and absolute disappointment for Ukip.’

He said: ‘I’m very pleased. It’s been very, very hard fought. Given the circumstances it’s very gratifying that the Labour Party is able to re-establish itself in South Yorkshire as a credible force.’

Dr Billings rejected the idea that it was a tight contest. He said: ‘We won on the first count. It could have gone to a second count but it didn’t and we won.’

Mr Clarkson called for a criminal investigation into the Rotherham scandal.

He said: ‘I want a criminal investigation. We don’t want candy floss and forgiveness. We want a criminal investigation into what took place involving these children.

‘And that involves the police, social services, council officials, councillors and any other agency. I believe there was collusion, assistance and turning of a blind eye, which is just as bad.

‘If Mr [sic] Billings doesn’t get this right, believe you me, there’ll be people again demonstrating on the streets of Rotherham. They’re wanting to see action.’ He said the turnout was ‘very poor’.

Mr Clarkson added: ‘South Yorkshire is a hard nut to crack but I’ll tell you what – Ukip are in there now and Labour have got to be looking over their shoulder at us.’

Daily Mail

Patria says:-

The office of Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) with its bloated salary and expenses is as much of an expensive waste of taxpayers’ money as that of an MEP.

But not only is it a complete waste of our money, it is also harmful in that it enables second-rate stooges of the Establishment to treat the work of the police as a political football and a pretext for personal publicity-seeking. The office of PCC is a standing affront to our people.

No genuine patriotic party would fail to boycott such a sham. Those who seek to obtain the position of PCC, or MEP, by doing so lend them a bogus aura of legitimacy. This is the reason Patria shuns such elections, whereas phony outfits such as UKIP and the English Democrats take part in them.

The dismal turn-out in this election is an accurate reflection of the contempt in which the office of PCC is rightly held by the electorate.

Patria has pledged to abolish the office of PCC. This will save millions of pounds of public money each year, as well as helping to free the police from the strait jacket of political ‘correctness’, allowing them again to focus on their real job of fighting crime.

It is the leaders of Lib-Lab-Con, over the last two generations, who are to blame for potentiating the nightmare scenario played out in Rotherham, Rochdale, Sheffield and other of our towns and cities. The absence of Muslim enclaves would have precluded the sexual exploitation of vulnerable English children by gangs of Pakistani immigrants. As would the absence of Lib-Lab-Con’s policy of anti-English discrimination, otherwise known as political ‘correctness’.

Lib-Lab-Con’s common policy of mass immigration from Africa and Asia is also responsible for Britain’s chronic failure adequately to invest in new technology, exports and industry. Lib-Lab-Con has instead created an immigration-fuelled low wage economy, in an attempt to maintain profits in a losing race to the bottom with oversea competitors.

If UKIP were to get the chance, they would enlarge the scale of immigration of foreign workers and their dependants from the countries of South Asia and West Africa and pay such workers in cowrie shells, putting our own people out of work, while at the same time privatizing what remains of our welfare state.

Only Patria, Britain’s leading patriotic party, has all the right answers to the vexed questions of immigration and our membership of the European Union.

Only Patria demands: an immediate end to all immigration by ethnic aliens, that is, an end to immigration by persons who are not of British descent; the deportation of all illegal immigrants, convicted foreign criminals, failed asylum seekers and overstayers; and a free vote in the House of Commons on a motion to withdraw from the EU without delay.

Patria is here to stay, the rest are not. Join the winning team today. Join Patria, the Home of Patriots!