Barmy Army in meltdown

By March 22, 2015February 18th, 2021No Comments

UKIP are trying to have it both ways and the Establishment media are helping them to peddle their phony prospectus.

While UKIP leader, Farage, makes it clear he would do little or nothing to reduce immigration from outside the EU, the rank and file of the Barmy Army are allowed a degree of licence to make ‘racist’ comments. If they go too far they are disowned by the leadership.

But Farage calculates that it’s a win-win situation, because the voters who want immigration stopped will think they are voting for a party that is both anti-immigration and ‘respectable’, ie, non-racist. Whereas, in fact, as Farage has stated: UKIP is not anti-immigration at all. Nor is it respectable – merely Establishment media-approved.

Farage’s own wife is a German immigrant, so what price ending EU immigration? In fact, many of the party’s brass have parents, grandparents or spouses who are immigrants not of British ancestry.

UKIP’s MEPs do not really want Britain to leave the EU, because that would result in their forfeiting their life of idle luxury at the taxpayers’ expense. Of course, they have to say they want Britain to leave the EU so the people who really do want that will keep on voting for them every five years.

By attending the European ‘parliament’ UKIP’s MEPs are helping to lend the foreign body a bogus air of legitimacy.

We don’t need a referendum in order to leave the EU. All we need is a free vote of MPs in parliament. That’s how we entered it in 1973 and we can leave the same way.

Patria is the one and only party with both the courage and the intelligence to put our people first.

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