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The NIMBIES bringing Britain to a standstill

by Duncan Barkes

23 January 2014

Thanks to another surge in NIMBYism this country is once again standing still.

Those who oppose anything that affects them personally, the NIMBY (‘Not in My Back Yard’) is a dangerous creature.

Motivated only by self-interest, their attitude will see the UK lagging behind while other nations grow and prosper.

Examples of NIMBYism are rife. Take the saga regarding High Speed 2 (HS2), the new rail network being proposed to link London with the Midlands and the north of England.

Of course, it means some properties will have to be bulldozed and some greenbelt land ploughed, but unless this happens we will be left with a decrepit rail system which will soon be unfit for purpose.

Britain will become a laughing stock compared to countries such as China, where they understand the importance and value of continually upgrading and developing their rail networks.

Then there’s the proposed expansion at Heathrow Airport and the fuss about creating a third or fourth runway. Capacity at this world-famous airport is almost at breaking point, yet we continue to drag our heels about expansion because of the NIMBY.

Yet again the country suffers as airlines and businesses start to look elsewhere to base their operations.

Greenbelt land features heavily in the mind of the NIMBY.

Housing development is an obvious bone of contention.

Property prices are increasing and there is a shortage of houses. West Sussex youngsters leaving home are forced to look further afield; they simply cannot afford to buy locally.

The obvious solution is more housing, but nobody wants it near them.

I accept this has to go hand in hand with an investment in infrastructure, but simply saying a big fat ‘NO’ to more houses is essentially selfish and inward looking.

And then we have this year’s big issue: fracking. A topic riddled with kneejerk rhetoric and misinformation, it is difficult to know where to start.

Cheaper fuel bills and an economic boost for the country seem like a good idea to me, but NIMBIES won’t even flirt with the idea. Proper informed debate around this issue is almost impossible; all attempts at sensible dialogue are drowned out by shrieking NIMBIES.

I remember years ago in West Sussex the opposition to mobile phone masts being erected, yet nobody seemed prepared to give up their mobile phone in protest. Typical NIMBY behaviour – they want it all, but at no personal cost.

NIMBYism is a barrier to progress and our country is in serious danger of being left behind.

Attitudes need to change before we shudder to a complete halt.

Dr Andrew Emerson comments

1:27 PM on 02/02/2014

Nimby is an interesting word, an acronym that seems to have originated the other side of the Atlantic.

Like that other emotive word, racist, its use appears to serve the purpose of belittling, ridiculing and demonizing those with whom the user of the word disagrees. After all, it’s so much easier to use the bully pulpit of a newspaper column to browbeat one’s political opponents into silence than to engage them in an intellectual debate – which one would be very likely to lose.

Is everyone a nimby? I should say that the label can only properly be applied to those who, while understandably opposing developments that obviously affect their interests adversely (by, for example, reducing their quality of life or the value of their property) have no objection to similar developments proceeding provided they are in another’s back yard.

Anyone who is against any part of the countryside being ruined by new houses cannot therefore be called a nimby, for the simple reason that they are concerned not simply to protect their own patch but also that of their fellow countrymen.

I have no objection in principle to HS2 or to fracking. However, I do strongly object to the ruination of Chichester (and other communities up and down the land) by the building of thousands (yes, thousands!) of new houses.

Mass immigration is the elephant in the room here which one should not mention (someone may call you a racist if you do). It is the endless stream of cheap labour from the Third World and Eastern Europe which is creating the pressure for new housing. And just as unscrupulous employers are happy to exploit that cheap labour, so too, greedy property developers are happy to cash in on the inflated property prices immigration causes by building new houses in excessive numbers and unsuitable locations, such as flood plains, small historic cities like Chichester, or indeed (bearing in mind our need to become more self-sufficient as a nation in food production) any greenfield site.

Government last year passed legislation which unfairly weights the planning process on the side of developers and against local communities.

And each of the Establishment parties (not excluding UKIP) supports a continuation of the unsustainable colonization of our country by hundreds of thousands of ethnic aliens every year.

Only the new patriotic party Patria (if we discount the discredited BNP) stands for an end to the madness of mass immigration – the root cause of all our woes, both economic and social.

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