Asian immigrant gang attack young rugby players

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Gang of Asian thugs hurl racial abuse and fracture teenage rugby player’s skull by mowing him down with car then smashing him over head with golf club in terrifying hate crime attack

Teenage rugby player Matthew Hayden, 17, left with a fractured skull after attack

Along with Josh Jones, 18, they were ambushed by four men wielding golf clubs

Littleborough RUFC said the attack came as they were driving late at night

Mr Hayden needed emergency surgery for a bleed on the brain following the assault

Police are appealing for witnesses but have not disclosed details of the attackers [Why not?]


5 June 2018

A teenage rugby player was left with a fractured skull and a bleed on the brain after being mown down by a car and hit over the head with a golf club, in what is being treated as a possible hate crime.

Matthew Hayden, 17, needed emergency surgery for the bleed following the terrifying late night assault in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, on Saturday.

His friend and teammate Josh Jones, 18, was also beaten with a crowbar, suffering injuries to his hands and face at the hands of four or five Asian men, who allegedly hurled racial abuse at the innocent trio as they tried to escape, police say.

Police have not confirmed the exact details of the incident, but a spokesman for Littleborough RUFC, said the attack came as the friends, who play for the club’s Colts U18s side, were driving around Rochdale in the early hours of Saturday.

As they travelled along Kiln Lane and Wildhouse Lane, in Milnrow, five Asian men in a Nissan Micra followed them and seemed to be trying to ram their car.

Moments later at a roundabout on Smithy Bridge Road, near Hollingworth Lake, the Micra smashed into the back of the rugby players’ vehicle.

When Mr Hayden got out of the car to remonstrate with the gang, the Micra drove into him, flipping him over the bonnet, the spokesman said.

One of the four men in the car then got out and hit over the head with a golf club.

At the same time two other members of the gang smashed the driver’s side window and repeatedly hit Josh with a crowbar, injuring his hands and face.

After hearing the noise neighbours and nurses from a nearby care home ran outside and shouted at the gang, causing them to flee the scene.