May 14, 2022

Our fight against anomie

THE FUTURE OF OUR CIVILIZATION DEPENDS ON REAL MARRIAGE – JD UNWIN Dear Marriage supporter JD Unwin was a 1930s Oxford anthropologist, who studied 86 cultures for factors that led…
May 9, 2022

Save our railway ticket offices

The RMT trade union has revealed that there are plans by the industry for the imminent mass closure of passenger ticket offices across the English railway network. The union says…
May 4, 2022

White men need not waste their time applying

RAF apologise for wanting pilot who is 'preferably not white male' to represent them at Top Gun: Maverick press event Its communication team sent an email looking for RAF's 'face'…
April 26, 2022

What rights?

A recent employment tribunal case relates to discrimination at work against anyone bold enough to self-identify as English, at least if they really are. See here for a lamestream…
April 23, 2022

Happy St George’s Day

A Happy St George's Day to all our readers. And Good Luck to Marine Le Pen!
March 27, 2022

Hi there, consider yourself permanently cancelled

Twitter bans Oxford academic who shared this Mail on Sunday article - but allows anti-vax rants amid fears over new 'online safety' powers letting tech giants censor legitimate journalism The…
March 23, 2022

A victory for common sense

PRIVY COUNCIL RULES NO RIGHT TO SAME-SEX 'MARRIAGE' Dear Marriage supporter The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council has upheld Bermuda and the Cayman Islands' refusal to recognise same-sex marriage, overturning…
February 24, 2022

On the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Putin warned the West not to interfere "from the outside", despite thinking it acceptable for Russia to interfere from the outside, Ukraine being an independent sovereign state. In his address…
February 23, 2022

1984 is coming ever closer

NICK CLEGG COULD USE GOVT BILL TO CENSOR MARRIAGE COMMENTS Dear Marriage supporter Could defending real marriage soon be banned online? That’s the question many are asking as the Government’s…
February 18, 2022

Rape gang should do their time in Pakistan

Grooming gang that systematically raped a 14-year-old girl and 'robbed her of her childhood' in West Yorkshire is jailed Woman was just 14 when she was raped by gang in…