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LETTER: ‘Uncaring’ voices from County Hall

21 February 2014

OUTSIDE County Hall on Friday morning, despite appalling weather, there echoed sounds of music, fun and laughter.

Disabled and non-disabled – young and old – danced and sang with the joy of simply being together.

The bitter cold, biting wind and lashing rain could not dampen their warm, oft’ ignored, exuberant hearts.

I was moved to tears – an unforgettable experience.

It was a privilege to be there.

Inside County Hall, the opposite was true, the chamber echoed with the sound of cold, hardened hearts – uncaring voices from the comfortably numb, devoid of compassion and understanding.

It was beyond shameful – a moral disgrace.

One councillor was heard to say: “I was really upset that people, who have taken the trouble to come here in the most appalling weather outside County Hall, are trying to speak to us as elected members, and they haven’t been listened to.”

Another described certain scenes as ‘horrible’.

Another countered: “We have to do the dirty work.”

Politics can indeed be ‘dirty work’, but the majority were doing it with such relish, it was almost obscene.

The majority had their way. Those who had been seen outside laughing, singing and dancing were now in tears – broken.

Oh, what have we done?

Richard Symonds

Ifield Street

Ifield Village

Dr Andrew Emerson comments

3:09 PM on 13/03/2014

This is what happens when the voting public put their trust in the same ‘old gang’ parties that got us into a mess in the first place to get us out of it.

Here’s a radical thought (‘radical’ because it goes to the root cause of the problem): if we were to stop sending eleven billion pounds in aid every year to Third World countries, much of which is fraudulently converted to the use of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, we might actually be able to afford to improve our public services and welfare state, instead of having to dismantle them.

It’s not a complete answer, of course. We also need to exit the failing EU, which represents another drain on our economy of fifty million pounds a day; and to end the madness of the annual immigration of hundreds of thousands of ethnic aliens into our country, who have no right to be here yet are treated better once they arrive than our people, whose forefathers made Britain an advanced industrial society and who built and paid for our welfare state.

If immigration is as much of a boon as the old gang politicians, parti pris academics and media pundits, many of whom are themselves ethnic alien immigrants, or their children or grandchildren, claim, then why are we in such dire straits after so many years of it?

Chichester Observer