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BNP loses out in Northumberland inheritance

31 January 2014

The British National Party is in legal hot water after failing in a High Court bid to inherit £389,000 left to it by a British ex-pat. When 81-year-old Northumberland-born Joseph Robson died in Spain in 2010, he left his entire estate outside Spain to the BNP.

His two sons, Jeremy and Simon, were left with just £135 between them. A judge today (January 31) ruled that Mr Robson’s bequest fell foul of the ban on foreign donations to political parties, saying the BNP broke the law by ‘receiving’ and ‘accepting’ the gift.

Judge Richard Sheldon QC effectively tore up Mr Robson’s will, declared that he died intestate and awarded his fortune to the sons he tried to disinherit. Neither of Mr Robson’s sons attended the hearing.


It is indeed heartwarming to see justice done in this case, which surely should never have needed to be brought at all.

What kind of grasping low-life tries to rob a man’s children of their inheritance, in order to avoid having to do an honest day’s work themselves? I think we all know the answer.

Has the Bankrupt National Party made its own will, I wonder. If it requires any assistance in deciding to whom it should bequeath its second-hand computers and office furniture, then Patria will be delighted to despatch our dedicated Legacy Hunter with a batch of blank will forms and a selection of powerful narcotics.

Port and lemming, anyone?