Animal rights before animal rites

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The Ritual Slaughter of Britain

by Dick Franklin

There has been much publicity regarding the labelling of Halal (Islamic) and Kosher (observant Jewish) meats.

The animals used to produce these meat products are slaughtered in a barbaric fashion, involving cutting the animal’s throat slowly with a large knife while it is still alive. It is then allowed to bleed to death in abject terror. The animal can remain conscious for some minutes after this act. This is in marked contrast to approved humane methods of slaughter used in the UK and elsewhere, where the animal is stunned before slaughter or is killed using a bolt gun which causes immediate death.

Now the argument used to be whether or not these methods of cruel slaughter should be allowed. Indeed, in many countries in Europe they were banned and I believe still are in some. Now the use of this ritual slaughter seems to be a given. It is not whether or not it should be allowed but whether or not we should be made aware that the meat we are being served comes from an animal that has been killed in this barbaric manner.

Once again our beloved Prime Minister leads the way. I will give Jewish and Muslim leaders half a cheer for proposing that such meats should be labelled, so that those of us who do not want to be party to these disgusting practices can shop elsewhere. It also needs to be said that certain African groups also indulge in forms of ritual slaughter. They have said nothing.

Once again our beloved Prime Minister leads us to Jahannam (look that one up!). His spokesman tells us that David Cameron is of the view that this barbaric slaughter “is a matter between retailers, restaurants and their customers”. Well, this particular customer suggests that Mr Cameron should visit one of these ritual slaughter-houses where he could see the suffering of these animals at first hand. His spokesman also says that “The Prime Minister is a strong supporter of religious freedoms, including religious slaughter practices”. Well we saw some religious slaughter on the streets of Lewisham recently. Perhaps Mr Cameron would like to present his throat the next time one of these madmen gets out his knife.

Once it took much of Europe to repel the Muslims from the gates of Vienna. Now those same Muslims have got beyond the gates of Downing Street and seem to be in No 10 itself.

What is needed is a new Crusade with Patria at the helm. This needs to be a moral, spiritual and enlightened Crusade which will drive back the forces of this demonic backward barbarity to the pit it came from once and for all.