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Breakaway councillors ‘no longer want to be associated with UKIP’

10 March 2014

A group of councillors who formed the UKIP Lincolnshire group now say they no longer want to be associated with the party, feeling officials have shown them a ‘complete lack of respect’.

Five county councillors – including Boston’s Bob McAuley and Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright – followed Cllr Chris Pain into a breakaway group after he was removed as county leader by UKIP bosses.

The split meant UKIP was no longer the official opposition at county hall and resulted in the group members being suspended from the party.

The group appealed the suspension but now, having not heard a decision on their future, have decided to cut ties with the party completely.

In a statement, the group said: “On the December 3 2013 we produced evidence to an appeal committee that categorically proved we had not formed a political party, merely a separate group, and we requested reinstatement as members of UKIP.

“Despite this, repeated emails to the general secretary, the party secretary, the deputy leader and members of the NEC have brought no official response or decision and we remain excluded.

“In essence it means we still do the same job, but as an independent group of councillors, working to the best of our ability for the benefit of our constituents, our wards and our county, while still believing that the most important thing for this country is exit from the EU.

“Owing to the complete lack of respect, and the unprofessionalism which the party officers have shown in this matter, we no longer have any desire to be associated with UKIP. To comply with council rules we must have a group name but one no longer including the word UKIP.

“A group name will be registered once we have consulted with the council.”

Boston Standard