And Quietly Flows the Immigration

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While the crimes of the Ukrainian engineering student, Pavlo Lapshyn, are clearly such as to arouse repugnance amongst right-minded people, the sentence handed down to him of forty years is excessive.

Not excessive in itself. If Patria were in government then young Mr Lapshyn would probably now be in a cell awaiting an appointment with the hangman. But excessive in relation to and by comparison with, for example, the sentences awarded to the vile murderers of fifteen-year-old Kriss Donald.

This was a murder, not of an old man, as in the Lapshyn case, but of a young boy who had his whole life ahead of him. This murder was preceded by the kidnap of the victim and his protracted torture over many hours, as well as being one of those, rarely officially acknowledged but actually very common, instances of racially aggravated crime perpetrated by non-whites against one of our people.

Yet and this is the crux of the matter, not one of Kriss Donald’s ethnic Pakistani murderers received a sentence of as many as thirty years, let alone forty. This disparity is yet another instance of the racial double standards applied by the criminal justice system, by the police, by the Crown Prosecution Service and by the courts and the judiciary.

Furthermore, the ‘mainstream’ media report the Lapshyn case almost as if its most reprehensible aspect was neither the murder of an elderly man, nor the planting of IEDs, but the hatred (the ‘racism’) harboured by Mr Lapshyn and which supposedly motivated his offending. The judge too in his remarks as reported appears to take this line, despite knowing, as he surely must, that an outlook and temperament of any kind is no crime.

The fact that Mr Lapshyn is an immigrant from Eastern Europe is yet another illustration of the sheer folly of our country’s immigration policy. Were there no English engineering students eager to take up a placement with the company that took on Mr Lapshyn?

Of course there were and not only equally capable as he but doubtless more law-abiding too. “British jobs for Foreign workers” is not a slogan that we are likely to hear from either the current prime minister or leader of the opposition, for obvious reasons, but it nevertheless sums up their immigration policy (and that of UKIP) rather well.

It is interesting to note that at least one of Mr Lapshyn’s grandparents was a Muslim and of an Asiatic nationality. Was Mr Lapshyn’s offending part of an unconscious inner conflict, whereby he sought to repudiate a part of his ancestry and conclusively demonstrate his preferred ethno-religious identity?

One could also pose the question: did Mr Lapshyn intend to be caught, as his posting on social media might suggest? Was his real motivation all along the desire to achieve the fame and status of a celebrity?

As George Orwell amongst others noted, in civil society the English are, compared to other nationalities such as the French and the Germans, let alone almost every non-white nationality, peaceful and gentle folk with a profound respect for the law. Perhaps much of this is due to having lived on an island for almost a thousand years without having been overrun by invaders.

It would seem that our run of good fortune may be coming to an end.