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Birdseye Replying James_Young 1:11pm Mon 18 Jan 16

I rather like the concept of racial integration from a party founded by an ex-BNP member and candidate.

I’m prompted to ask whether Patria has considered / defined a similar period of residence before descendants of immigrants of all creeds and colours can be called Englishmen.

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de Montfort Replying Birdseye 4:04pm Mon 18 Jan 16

The Normans and Anglo-Saxons were of closely kindred racial stock. Of course it was relatively easy for their populations to mingle and blend into a single nation – the English – just as it had earlier been easy for the Danes to assimilate with the Anglo-Saxons.

The English are indigenous to England, the land to which they gave their name, because they became one people in the land itself.

The case is very different with ethnic groups from other continents, who retain their own distinct identity and merely co-exist with the English in the same political jurisdiction.