An Open Letter to Compatriots

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Dear Compatriot

Thank you for visiting the web site of Patria, the party of nationalist patriots.

Patria successfully registered with the Electoral Commission on 9 November 2012 and we held our hugely successful inauguratory meeting on 10 December, in the New Forest, a few days after our web site went live.

Like a healthy baby, Patria is growing fast and like every party, we are only as strong as our members and our supporters choose to make us.

Patria will be holding a series of open meetings, up and down the country, starting early in the New Year and running up to the local elections, at which we shall field a number of candidates.

A year’s membership of Patria is a real bargain at only £10 and dual membership with another party is permissible, so please join today, online, via the Memberships page and help to make Patria the great success it is destined to become.

My colleagues and I look forward to meeting you in the New Year, where great things await.

Yours Sincerely


Dr A Emerson



PS You could help Patria even more by forwarding this message to every patriot in your address book. Let’s help Patria’s message of hope go viral!