An Open Call for Candidates

By March 8, 2013February 18th, 2021No Comments

On Thursday, 2 May, 2013, elections will be held to all twenty-seven county councils in England, as well as a number of single tier unitary authorities.

Patria intends to contest as many seats as it can find suitable and willing candidates.

While there is little likelihood of a candidate being elected at this early stage of Patria’s development, it is important to start as we mean to go on and to fly the flag of nationalist patriotism whenever and wherever we are able.

Local government elections provide an opportunity for cost free publicity via local newspapers, radio and TV news, since there is no requirement for a candidate to lay down a deposit, nor even to print and deliver leaflets.

It is largely by means of such publicity that new parties raise their public profile, acquire new members and grow in size and strength.

I shall be standing for election to the West Sussex County Council for the third time, but for the first time as a candidate for Patria.

Perhaps some of nationalism’s many anonymous keyboard warriors might like to come out from behind their computers and show we veterans how it should be done. I should like nothing more than for it to be said of me that “gladly would he learn and gladly teach”.

If any members of Patria (other than those who have already been in touch) are prepared to fly the flag, by standing in their own council elections, then please let us know by contacting

Remember: Patria needs you!