An attack upon one is an attack upon us all

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Yesterday’s dastardly murder of a soldier in London, by two Muslim immigrants, is only a foretaste of even more dreadful things to come in this country, unless immigration is ended, the millions of illegals, foreign criminals, failed ‘asylum seekers’ and overstayers are deported and a scheme of financially assisted, voluntary repatriation developed and promoted.

Of course, most Muslim immigrants to Britain are not murderers. But since our police and criminal justice system have proven time and time again to be incapable of taking robust action to protect our own people from the depredations of the depraved and violent members of that community, many of its law-abiding members are understandably fearful of its extremist elements.

No doubt many commend in private an outrage about which they remain silent in public, or which they publicly condemn. Muslims have a word for this religiously sanctioned hypocrisy and deception of ‘the infidel’. They call it taqiyya. Any means are regarded as justified, provided the end of getting the better of ‘the unbelievers’ is served thereby. When, through sustained immigration and outbreeding the host population, their numbers reach a certain level, their leaders have much less need to use taqiyya to disguise their real intentions.

It is in this way that, just as bad money drives out good, so bad politics drives out good politics in any society which ceases to be racially homogeneous, as Britain was up to 1948 and becomes instead the cockpit of numerous competing racial and religious interests.

The most intolerant, aggressive and hostile of these self-identify as Islamic and one has only to look at the recent history of Lebanon, for example, to see what lies in store for Britain, unless our people learn to demonstrate the same solidarity in defence of their legitimate interests, as an ethnic group and ethno-nationality, as do the Muslims, Jews and others.

The best way to do this is by supporting Patria, the home of patriots, by joining us as a member and by voting for our candidates whenever and wherever you can.

Come to our meeting in the Crawley-Horsham area next Wednesday evening (29 May), take away some copies of our brand new leaflet to distribute and become part of the patriotic movement to save our country and our people.

Ours is a domestic political campaign, rather than a crusade. The crusades were foreign military expeditions and were ultimately unsuccessful, whereas Patria will ultimately succeed in its aim of national redintegration.

Marches and demonstrations are of limited value, particularly if they become disorderly, when they can even be counterproductive.

Much more important is the quiet work of building organization in depth at local level in our communities, through regular meetings, leafleting, letters and comments in the local press and electioneering.

Remember: it’s your active participation we most want and need, rather than simply your money. We leave the worship of money to others.