All we need fear is fear itself

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The damning verdict on Project Fear: Government experts reveal Cameron and Osborne’s dire predictions have FAILED to emerge and the UK economy is STILL strong

ONS assessment finds no ‘major impact’ from Brexit vote so far

House price fall and consumer confidence slump also yet to materialise

Says there are signs of economic ‘strength’ in data released so far

OECD think-tank upgrades growth for this year by 0.1 per cent

Says UK plc will slow down next year but does not forecast recession

Polling expert says little sign of ‘buyer’s remorse’ among Brexit voters


21 September 2016

A government watchdog has delivered a damning verdict on the Project Fear campaign waged by David Cameron and George Osborne – saying dire warnings have failed to materialise and the economy looks strong.

The assessment found there is ‘no sign’ of a collapse in consumer confidence after the historic EU referendum result.

Fears of a house price slump, job losses and soaring inflation have also yet to appear.

The humiliating conclusions – in a report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) – emerged as the OECD upgraded growth for this year by 0.1 per cent and said the UK would not go into recession.

Although the think-tank said the economy would slow down in 2017, it is still expected to grow by 1 per cent.

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