Action this day

By July 9, 2022July 12th, 2022No Comments

Firstly, parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol need to be torn up in order to make the thing workable and it’s just too bad about international law. Every other country ignores it whenever their national interest demands and so should we.

Secondly, Blair’s Human Rights Act, 1998, needs to be repealed and we should denounce the European Convention on Human Rights, so that we can put a stop to illegal immigration and deport foreign criminals without interference.

Thirdly, cancel HS2 and the foreign aid budget in its entirety, ditch the ‘net zero carbon’ nonsense and cut the ‘green’ taxes on fuel and household energy.

Fourthly, the defence budget must be more than doubled to a minimum of five per cent of annual GNP, in order to safeguard our people against Russian aggression and other potential threats.