Abolish the House of Hypocrisy

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Lord Moat compared the worries of EU nationals to Idi Amin’s victims: QUENTIN LETTS on a whiff of hypocrisy in the Lords

By Quentin Letts for the Daily Mail

2 March 2017

They were packed deep in the House of Lords yesterday afternoon when peers competed hard to muscle and gum their way into the Brexit debate. The place boiled with crossness. It surged with a determination to Make A (Moral) Gesture.

Amazing scenes. Have so many oldies ever behaved so adolescently?

Here was an unelected House of Parliament pushing out its chest, saying ‘we’ve got a right to set the Prime Minister’s negotiating hand’. Under discussion was the right of EU citizens to continue to live here after we leave. Labour’s Lady Kennedy of the Shaws, a lawyer, set herself up as the spokeswoman of people who had written to lobby her.

Ah, so the Lords is now a representative Chamber, but representing only those who write to it?

Lord Tebbit (Con) was booed and raspberried for calling the EU citizens ‘foreigners’. But that’s what they are, said a frail Tebbit. More gales of hatred. Yes, hatred – that is what it felt like. The mood on the pro-EU benches, mainly Lib Dem and Labour, was ugly.

Lord Lawson, with his matador’s-cap hairdo, stood in the hope of making a short speech. ‘Siddown!’ yelled Europhiles. Lord Lawson disobeyed them.

There was once a time – back when they were confident of their unelected power – when the Upper House was a model of mildewed politeness. But that was before the European Union was given a bog-washing by our voters. That was before the place had an infusion of sharper-elbowed political careerists. That was before the political climate in this country took a turn against this red-benched chamber of inertia merchants.

Now they feel endangered and they have started to bare their fangs.

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