A vision of Britain’s patriotic future

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This is the text of a speech by Dick Franklin to a recent meeting of Patria

I want to ask you: what is nationalism?

As we shall see, what nationalism boils down to is the love we all have for our country and that we put our country before ourselves.

Patria, the name of our party, is another word for Homeland and it is our Homeland we are fighting for.

If we look at war memorials up and down the land, we will see the term Pro Patria (for the Homeland). I am sure that many of us in this room have relatives who were killed or injured defending our Homeland, our way of life, our sense of values and dare I say, our race.

I have just passed my 66th birthday. I would regard myself as having been a British nationalist for at least 50 years of those years. They have not been good years for this country. We have seen systematic betrayal of our people by one Tory or Labour government after another. As Thomas Paine said, it is the duty of a patriot to protect his country from its government!

Well, there is no need to bore each other with what has gone wrong. I think we all jolly well know. I would just like us to think about what a nationalist government needs to do.

Britain must be secure within its own borders, which it certainly is not at the moment. We are almost entirely dependent on other countries for our gas and oil (a third of which comes from Russia!) and we have to import half of our food. Yet we are a country with abundant stocks of coal and we have proved we can feed ourselves if need be.

I think I have painted a depressing picture but there is a very different vision of Britain we can have if the will is there. It is a Britain where our people are cheerful, healthy and proud of their nation.

It is a Britain where our children are both well educated and well behaved. Those studying technical subjects should receive the full funding needed rather than having to get into debt. It is these children who will be the engine to drive a rejuvenated nation.

We need to recover some notion of spiritual as well as patriotic values: the natural state of mind will be “Britain First”. Everything else will be secondary. Our people must no longer be obsessed with imported rubbish and perhaps be more content with the simpler and genuinely more valuable things in life.

We need a Britain which will be safe within its own borders, guarded by our own forces. And when I say guarded, I mean guarded. Any “illegals” who manage to get to the UK should be dealt with severely. Those with papers need to be returned whence they came, at their own expense where possible.

Those who have destroyed their papers should be detained in Spartan conditions until they remember where they did come from!

You may have read that 2000 illegals have tried to get into Europe (most on their way to Britain) within the last 48 hours. We need to talk to our European allies, particularly the French and Italians with a view to providing mutual military aid to help prevent this.

Once word gets around that Britain is no longer the land of milk and honey they are trying to get a piece of, maybe they will desist and go elsewhere.

Criminality should no longer be a career choice. Our police must be honest and non-political. They should be doing the job they are paid to do, with the support of the public.

Our industries, which were once the envy of the world will be rejuvenated with a cutting edge which will be the envy of others. I have read that the British motor industry is demanding that Britain stays in the EU otherwise our motor exports will suffer.

To which I reply, “What British motor trade”? I do not think there is one British motor manufacturer that remains in British hands. What we need is a real British motor trade making vehicles in British factories by British workers. A little more patriotism from some of our captains of industry would not come amiss.

We must become self-sufficient in food, power and other resources, in so far as possible.

We will need to keep good relations with our friends elsewhere in Europe. But we must consign the EU and its ridiculous appendages like the European court to the dustbin of British history.

Our flag should be seen everywhere most of the time. Our citizens should be proud to see it because they understand the history it bears and what it means for us as a nation and the generations to come.

We must work together to repair our racial integrity and ensure our British breed continues. The Muslims have shown us the fate that awaits our country and its people if we stand by and do nothing.

Time is flying compatriots, so let us go forward together to restore the greatness of our nation!