A Patriotic League of Nationalist Parties

By January 15, 2013February 18th, 2021No Comments

The statement, in a recent article, that Patria offers the hand of friendship to every other nationalist party, without exception, should not be misconstrued.

It does not mean that the leadership and members of Patria have any great desire to interact with the leaders of other nationalist parties, that we esteem them, or that we repose the slightest confidence in them.

It does mean that we recognize that the personal and the political are and ought to be distinct from one another. Furthermore, that historically it has been the failure of nationalist party leaders fully to comprehend and to acknowledge this basic fact of political life which has retarded the progress of nationalism as a political movement these last sixty years.

Our common cause, the liberation of our people from the yoke of alien oppression, is too sacred by far to be made a mere vehicle for the pursuit of personal feuds and the settling of old scores.

That is why, regardless of the personal feelings of the various leaders of nationalism, those leaders need to put the welfare of our people first, by agreeing not to split each other’s vote by standing candidates against one another in elections.

Only when the various nationalist parties cease trying to do one another down and instead begin to co-operate, will any of us make the progress we need to make in order to succeed in accomplishing our true mission.