A party with £ signs in their eyes

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Dr Andrew Emerson

2:37 PM on 03/08/2013

Symbols are important in politics, as in other walks of life. Like it or not it’s a fact.

I have no time for the leadership of UKIP, whom I would not trust to take Britain out of the European Union, should they ever be in a position to do so. Why? Just take a look at the symbol on the rosette the two UKIP councillors pictured are wearing. This really should tell you all you need to know about UKIP politicians’ order of priorities – money – first, last and always.

The party’s leader even boasts about having claimed two million pounds in expenses during his time as an MEP. Most of the party’s other MEPs have also become millionaires, at our expense, through attending sessions of the European ‘parliament’, often inadvertently voting the wrong way. Can such people really be trusted to vote for our country to leave the EU when that would spell the end of their trip as first class passengers on the gravy train?

That said, the Lib-Lab-Con councillors at County Hall have some brass neck to complain about elected representatives of a different party raising an issue which they (rightly, as it happens) regard as very important: the insidious and sinister erosion of both the symbols and the substance of British sovereignty and independence.

Perhaps the next move will be to report them to the Standards Board for the offence of lese-majesty to the EU.

The words European Union should also be removed from the British passport.

To find out more about a party that boycotts the European ‘parliament’, rather than tries to enter it, visit


4:51 PM on 03/08/2013

What a ridiculous statement ‘ take a look at the symbol on the rosette’ the £ sign signifies for Britain to keep the pound, nothing more, nothing less.

It was Dennis Mcshane who made out that Nigel Farage had boasted about £2m in expenses, this is the guy who has recently been charged with false accounting, a charge under the Theft Act 1968, over expenses claims. Nigel explained that £200,000 a year over a decade included salaries for staff in the regional office and in Brussels, the running of a large regional office, his travel, not just to Strasbourg and Brussels, but to all parts of the UK in his role as leader. It wasn’t something that Nigel was trying to hide; he mentioned it himself in a speech at a Foreign Press Association

Take a look at some videos of Nigel Farage on YouTube. I was blown away with his speeches. He is articulate, he has guts, determination, he is very clever and knows his stuff but most importantly he has passion for this country and its people. I believed what he was saying and I can’t believe I’m saying this about any politician.

Unlike other politicians in LibLabCon (puppets of the EU) if there was to be a referendum on in/out of the European Union, Nigel Farage would be more than happy to be a turkey who voted for Christmas.

Dr Andrew Emerson

6:24 PM on 03/08/2013

You really should take the Ashley Mote out of your own eye before you try to take the beam out of your brother’s eye.

The only way this country can leave the EU is through a vote in the UK parliament, specifically repealing the 1972 Act which took us in originally. Consequently, participation in the European ‘parliament’ is merely a costly distraction and a waste of time. Not only that, but it insidiously legitimates this country’s entanglement with the EU in the collective consciousness of the electorate, as do such phenomena as the EU flag in a county council chamber – which is precisely why it is there, of course.

Mr Farage has such a passion for this country and its people that he married a German. Does that make sense?

About as much sense as a former leader of UKIP employing Poles to do up his house in the country for him. What about British jobs for British workers?

Mr Farage a turkey? I agree, but don’t expect him to be voting for Christmas any time soon. He’s got a lot more gobbling of our taxes to do yet.

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