A party with more money than sense

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11:39 PM on 03/08/2013

Oh come off it, Dr Emerson, with your argument regarding the £ sign on the UKIP rosette. That is a direct steal from William Hague`s ‘Keep/Save? the Pound’ Campaign.

There really isn`t the intellectual talent in UKIP. It left, driven out in 1997!

However, I like the cut of your jib Sir!

Funny how Hague has gone quiet on the European Union, now he is Foreign Secretary.

Lord Stoddart of Swindon (David), when the Chairman of CIB, Campaign for an Independent Britain, always bemoaned the Foreign Office for looking after the interests of foreigners. Incidentally, he and others in the Lords have tried to get a Cost Benefit Analysis off the British Goverment on our EU Membership. I am not aware that they have played ball to date.

I have a CIB teeshirt in blue, depicting the eu ring of stars as a ring of barbed wire – just about sums it up for me!

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