A government of traitors

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Iraqi Liars & British Traitors

by Dick Franklin

In spite of all the admonitions in the Koran, it is a fact that there are just as many hypocrites in the Muslim world as there are everywhere else. A recent enquiry has just revealed that an allegation that some 20+ Iraqis were murdered by British soldiers and their bodies mutilated, was a pack of lies.

It turns out that these individuals were members of a Jihadist paramilitary organisation who were engaged in a devious insurgency attack. They tried to ambush the British soldiers, who killed over 20 of them. The so-called mutilations were actually inflicted on their dead bodies by their own former fellow terrorists and even some of their relations.

As their relatives claimed that these poor innocent Iraqis had been cruelly murdered by the British, the government decided to hold an enquiry into the matter. To its credit, the enquiry found that these relatives were lying.

That would be bad enough, but it turns out the government provided these liars with £22 million of public money in the form of legal aid. This will, of course, go to line the already overstuffed pockets of certain lawyers.

I do not know which is worse, a gang of lying Muslims or the traitors of Westminster who give them the wherewithal to publish and promote those lies. Here we have a government which is making our people homeless through its nonsense bedroom tax, while at the same time handing out large wedges of public money so that our enemies can publish their lies.