A fire-side chat with Nigel

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Dear Elector

UKIP Manifesto

Due to a set of circumstances beyond our control the National Council and I have decided to break new ground and demonstrate our ability to be all things to all persons, by leaving what we stand for up to you the voters to decide.

Please feel free to use your imagination regarding what we would do if we ever got near the levers of power.

Making a noise about Britain’s continuing membership of the EU is a given, of course. As is continuing to profit from it personally.

But as for the rest of our policies. Well, for example, we’ll either move towards a private insurance-based NHS, as they have in the US, or we’ll defend the principle of a publicly funded universal service free at the point of delivery. Whichever of these courses of action you would prefer is the one we would wish you to associate with us in your mind as you approach the polling booth.

Similarly on the issue of immigration, which we know is of considerable concern to many of you. We either want immigration and welcome immigration, or we’d like to get it under control – in a non-racist sort of way. Depending entirely on how you feel about the issue yourself, you see.

Anyway, I’m glad we’ve been able to have this little chat. I hope it’s helped to clarify matters.

Be seeing you

Nigel Farage MEP