A decade late and billions over budget – thanks EU

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Two years ago the EU announced its SatNav system went ‘live’ – but what’s the truth?

We read about these EU ‘successes’ every week in their press releases. Unfortunately when we investigate, the reality is very different. Regrettably Galileo is another case in point.

Galileo is the EU’s SatNav system, similar to the system we use in our phones and in our cars. A lot of your money has gone and will continue to go into this, so you might be interested to know about it.

EU Press Release: “Galileo goes live!” – Brussels, 14 Dec 2016. Er…. well, kind of…. except for the fact you will still need GPS.

There is of course a fully-functioning SatNav system that we use in our phones and cars, which is an American system called GPS. The EU first mooted back in 1981 that it should have its own version.

It then took them another 13 years before the EU Commission proposed a project, and this then got the go-ahead from the EU Council. Below is a quick summary of the EU’s project so far.

Please note: To be fair to the EU, we didn’t start the clock when the EU first talked about having its own SatNav system. We start our timeline 13 years later in 1994, when the project got the official go-ahead.


So far the Galileo Project has taken 24 years from initiation in 1994

This EU taxpayer-funded SatNav system is still only 47% complete

The original deadline for completion passed 11 years ago

The budget has rocketed to 7 times the original figure

It’s now equivalent to half the annual GDP of EU member state Estonia, nearly £10,000,000,000.


Unfortunately the story of the EU’s Galileo project is the usual history of EU projects. It’s way overdue, it has cost far more than it was ever supposed to, and it doesn’t do what it said on the tin. Apart from that it’s just dandy. Our summary above is a précis, we shall give more detail in the next articles.

Incidentally, as it’s Easter we’ll share something with you. We know you generally don’t always want all the detail we give you on each story like this.

The reason we go into such detail is because otherwise Remoaners would try to poke holes in our research. A few of them try to do that anyway, but most don’t bother. They realize that we have researched in such detail into official EU and national government sources that they have nowhere to go. Any argument they might make is futile, as it won’t match the facts.

This project is fairly representative of the EU in all its stellar glory.

Space, the final frontier.

Where the EU boldly spends like no one has spent before.

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