A bitter pill to swallow

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Pfizer v AstraZeneca

by Dick Franklin

I would like to offer a nationalist perspective on the hostile attempts by the American Pharmaceuticals giant, Pfizer to take over AstraZeneca, which is a leading British/Swedish pharmaceuticals company.

AstraZeneca was formed by the merger of Astra AB, a leading Swedish pharmaceuticals firm and Zeneca a British firm which had its origins in the late lamented Imperial Chemical Industries. AZ, as I will call it, has had a chequered history but it is still a largely British firm and Sweden is a nearby friendly country with a culture similar to our own.

AZ provides many drugs which are essential to all medical disciplines and it is a major supplier to the NHS. It also holds many valuable patents and has a large number of other drugs in the pipeline.

Pfizer on the other hand is a vile beast, even by American standards. It has been frequently brought to book by various US administrations. It has been prosecuted and has many law suits outstanding. This has largely been the result of admissions by whistle-blowers including a former Vice President. It has a huge lobby in the US Congress and Senate with no doubt a lot of money changing hands.

There is no doubt in my mind what would happen if Pfizer was to take over. The whole attitude to medicine is different in the UK than it is in the USA. The only thing that counts there is money, money, money. Poorer patients in the USA often have to chose between buying the medicines they have been prescribed at phenomenal prices or eating that week.

In my view Pfizer is not interested in AZ as a company but only in what it can leech out of it. It will inherit all those patents, potential drugs and research work which now belong to AZ and I suspect that AZ as a body can go hang, as Pfizer did with another company it took over in the UK. The cost of buying AZ would largely come out of tax concessions (even the City agrees on that) and the rest will became debt which will fall on AZ`s shoulders.

But we need not worry need we? After all our beloved Prime Minister has a former Pfizer spin doctor as one of his advisers, so we can be sure he is getting impartial advice! No doubt this is why he is telling us that Pfizer have given him “assurances” that there will be no job losses. Yet another influential Tory MP tells us that has nothing to do with the government anyway, it is purely a matter of “business” (there’s global capitalism for you!). Mr Miliband of the Labour Party suggests there should be a “British Interests” test before any take-over is allowed.

Patria says there is no need for any such test because it is crystal clear that such a take-over would be totally against British national interests. Carpet-baggers such as Pfizer should be sent packing. I am not a great one for conspiracy theories but I do strongly believe that there is more to this than meets the eye. AZ may be largely a British company but a lot of the shares – probably the majority – are held by hedge funds, nefarious trusts and nominees whose only interest is the progress of globalism at the expense of our national interest. It is time to go into reverse and ensure that AZ and similar vital companies are firmly in British hands, where they should remain.

As for Mr Cameron, his recent television appearances display a certain desperation with an almost Milibandish whine in his voice. For my part, I would not trust him with a used bus ticket!