A Better Tomorrow out of the EU

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Dr Andrew Emerson

8:41 AM on 03/04/2016

The political and media Establishment are dominated by ethnic aliens, who are working with the long term aim of ousting ordinary English folk – from our jobs, houses, school and university places, hospital beds and benefits – just as their immigrant parents and grandparents ousted ours from the Houses of Parliament and the media.

To protest against the theft of our country by immigrants and their children incurs the mock outrage of the thieves. ‘Racism!’ they shriek, hoping to intimidate those they rob into silence.

The use of the word racism by any immigrant, or their descendant from Africa and Asia, is hate speech against the English.

It is no accident that the greatest support for remaining within the EU is to be found in London and other large cities, in which the English are already a minority.

We were never given an opportunity to vote on whether to enter the EU. The traitor Edward Heath took the country into what had been sold to our people as a customs union, without a referendum or a statement of intent to join in his party’s manifesto at the 1970 general election. Had Heath included a commitment to join the EEC, as it was then known, in the Conservatives’ 1970 manifesto they would probably have lost the election of that year and he would never have become prime minister. He knew this and that is the reason his party’s manifesto included the pledge merely to undertake negotiations over possible entry.

‘Ever closer union’, the stated aim of the Common Market when it was founded in 1957, was its stated aim when prime minister Edward Heath took Britain into it in 1973, without either a prior manifesto commitment or a referendum. It remains the EU’s stated aim today.

“Our sole commitment is to negotiate; no more, no less” said the Conservatives’ 1970 manifesto, entitled, with tragic irony, A Better Tomorrow.

Having promised to do no more than negotiate terms of entry, the Heath government had no mandate from the electorate to take the country in. But take us in it did and in more ways than one.

Just as an octopus grips its prey with the aim of ‘ever closer union’, so the EU grips Britain.

Do we need to see the inside of the creature’s stomach before we understand what the phrase ‘ever closer union’ really means?

Vote No to EUrabia at the referendum on 23 June.

Patria, the Home of Patriots, neither left nor right but patriotic.

Join us in the fight for freedom!

Chichester Observer